iko (sabariel192) wrote in ljanonymous,


Hellos...Sabi here and my predicament as well.

I can't help it when I see my computer I always itch to go online and it so hard for me to disconnect.

Its the first thing I do when I wake and up and the last thing I do before to go to bed.

I have many complaints for people who haven't heard from me and seen me in ages many people

think that I'm overseas.. I can't stay off GJ at all, always checking, even my emails, looking for some updates

on some homepage anything, before I know it hours has passed. It doesn't help that I feel like a zombie when I'm done.

I freaked out when the phonebill showed how many times I connected to the internet per month. I'm a university student who wants

first class honours but I'm loosing focus...can I fall out of love with the internet???
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